Just For Laughs
There was a blonde who just got sick and tired of all the blonde jokes. One evening, she went home and memorized all the state capitals. Back in the office the next day, some guy started telling a dumb blonde joke. She interrupted him with a shrill announcement, "I've had it up to here with these blonde jokes. I want you to know that this blonde went home last night and did something probably none of you could do. I memorized all the state capitals." One of the guys, of course, said, "I don't believe you. What is the capital of Nevada?" "N," she answered.
On This Day in History
December 14 Events: 1542 - Princess Mary Stuart becomes Queen Mary I of Scotland at the age of only six days old. 1819 - Alabama is admitted as the 22nd U.S. state. 1900 - In a key event in the development of Quantum Mechanics, Max Planck presents a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law. 1947 - NASCAR is founded in Daytona Beach, Florida. 1959 - Berry Gordy founds the Motown record label in Detroit, Michigan.
Famous Birthdays
DECEMBER 14 Famous Birthdays: 1503 - Nostradamus (French Astrologer) 1546 - Tycho Brahe (Danish Astronomer) 1946 - Patty Duke (Actress)
Kids Say the Darnest Things
A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now." The child ran back to his father and said, "You lied to me!" His father replied, "No, your mom was talking about her side of the family."
Betcha Didn't Know This!
A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 yrs.
On the Light Side
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi were discussing when life begins. "Life begins," said the priest, "at the moment of fertilization. That is when God instills the spark of life into the fetus." "We believe," said the minister, "that life begins at birth, because that is when the baby becomes an individual and is capable of making its own decisions and must learn about sin." "You're both wrong," said the rabbi. "Life begins when the children have graduated from college and moved out of the house."
Where Did This Come From?
BIG WIG: In the 18th century when many men wore wigs, the most important men wore the biggest wigs. Hence today important people are called big wigs.