Just For Laughs
One day a little girl was watching her mom make roast beef. Her mother cut off the ends, wrapped it in string, seasoned it and set it in the roasting pan. The little girl asked her mom why she cut off the ends of the roast. Mom replied she didn’t know why — but it was the way that her mother had done it. That night grandma came to dinner and the little girl and her mom went to her and asked why she had cut the ends off of the roast before cooking. Grandma replied she didn’t know why — but that was the way her mother had done it. Great grandmother was quite old and in a nursing home. But the next time the little girl and her mom and grandma went to see her, she again asked the question. Great Grandma looked at them a bit surprised and said, “We were poor and had a small oven in those days. I cut off the ends so it would fit.”
On This Day in History
November 17 Events: 1800 - The first session of Congress is held in the United States Capitol building. 1869 - The Suez Canal, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, is inaugurated. 1970 - The computer mouse is patented by Douglas Engelbart. 2003 - Arnold Schwarzenegger is inaugurated as Governor of California.
Famous Birthdays
NOVEMBER 17 Famous Birthdays: 1925 - Rock Hudson (Actor) 1942 - Martin Scorsese (Movie director) 1944 - Danny DeVito (Actor) 1944 - Tom Seaver (Baseball player) 1978 - Rachel McAdams (Actress) 1978 - Reggie Wayne (NFL Football Player)
Kids Say the Darnest Things
One day a mom noticed that when her son was logging onto a favorite website he typed a very long password. She asked him what it was, and he replied, "MickeyMinnieGoofyPluto." She asked him why he would use such a password. "Because," he explained, "It says your password has to have at least four characters."
Betcha Didn't Know This!
Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite!
On the Light Side
My wife, a registered nurse, once fussed over every pain or mishap that came my way. Recently, however, I got an indication that the honeymoon is over. I was about to fix the attic fan, and as I lifted myself from the ladder in the attic, I scratched my forehead on a crossbeam. Crawling along, I picked up splinters in both hands, and I cut one hand replacing the fan belt. On the way down the ladder, I missed the last two rungs and turned my ankle. When I limped into the kitchen, my wife took one look and said, "Are those your good pants?"
Where Did This Come From?
“MURPHY’S LAW” “If anything can go wrong, it will.” That’s an adage that has been in use in the United States since the mid-20th century. This phrase was coined in 1948 at Edwards Air Force Base and named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981. The story goes that Murphy’s assistant was installing gauges to measure the G-forces a test-dummy would receive on a rocket-sled blasting forward on a 1.9-mile track. When the instruments read zero after the test-run, Murphy berated his assistant saying, “If there’s more than one way to do a job and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way.”