MY KOOL FM® creates websites for  civic/service organizations to help boost their fundraising efforts.

MY KOOL FM® has a totally unique Shop Local Program just for your club that will  generate on-going revenue month after month!  The program is easy to launch, provides continuous, almost effortless fundraising, and harnesses the power of the internet and social media to promote your club and bring in more revenue and community support!

Developed by a long time Rotarian with over 50 years of broadcasting and marketing experience, MY KOOL FM® has developed a whole new multi-media business approach to fundraising.  In a nutshell, MY KOOL FM® creates and hosts a unique, informative website for each club. The website serves as a community information hub, for local information, weather, community events, plus  a fun, quick one-stop source of jokes, trivia, and just plain “fun stuff,” all updated daily. There’s even an audio link to MY KOOL FM’s classic oldies format:  the Rock’n 70’s, and more. The website is always filled with great music, clean jokes and content for all ages—something that makes people SMILE! This combination is what hooks our audience and keeps them coming back to our sites regularly for more!

At first glance, the website is just a fun source of entertainment and local information. However, the MY KOOL FM® website IS the on-going fundraising vehicle for each community it serves. The website gives the club online exposure to promote itself within the community, but, most importantly, there’s lots of ad space just waiting to be sold to the membership, as well as, additional ad space that can be sold to other local retail businesses and professional services.

Effective and affordable advertising is key. For example, here’s one effortless way to raise dollars for the club. Offer members a full color ad on the website for a monthly donation of $100. The club gets the money and the members get advertising for their businesses! For those members with restaurants, service stations, etc, they could trade product for an ad (i.e.10—$10 store gift certificates for a $100 ad each month.) These retail gift certificates create another  whole 

revenue stream for fundraising.    These gift certificates can be sold at full retail value as a fundraiser for community projects. The certificates are easy to sell, especially when the money goes back to support the club and to fund community projects! For every certificate sold, the club retains 100% of the purchase price.

Everyone can participate in this bold, new fund-raising program ! It’s a WIN –WIN—WIN for everyone involved!

*** Easy sell! 100% profit!  Continuous fundraising!

*** Great online exposure for club and advertisers alike!

*** Promotes the growth of the local business economy!

*** Encourages shopping local and promotes local businesses and services!

*** Offers one of the greatest public relations tools ever created!


MY KOOL FM® gives you everything you’ll need for successful community fundraising! Your club does the selling…MY KOOL FM does the rest:  offers full support services; updates the website each day with fun, new content; creates all graphic designs for business and sponsor ads, as well as, gift certificates;  streams the music 24/7, and even, creates a special promotional kit just for your local market area, including rate cards, event flyers, posters, business cards, templates, etc! Everything is ready for your club to print and start fundraising!

Our program is an effective, advertising solution for local businesses and an unparalleled public relations project everyone can get behind and support!  The cost for MY KOOL FM® is only $296 per month…just $74 per week!

Go to our website: www.MYKOOLFM.com and see just what we can offer your community.

Team up with MY KOOL FM! Be the one club that offers your community its own online information center! Let your club generate that extra revenue each month for your local projects!  Start raising money for your community  projects today with MY KOOL FM! No matter your club’s size, scale, or mission, you can be raising money in no time!  Best of all, our program works!

Give us a call today! Let’s work together to help accomplish great things within your community!