In today’s world of utter chaos and nonsensical behavior, many grandparents, like myself, wonder what lies ahead for this great nation.

The answer is right under our noses, as the saying goes.

Remember back 30, 40, even 50 years ago, life seemed to have meaning.  We had the direction and confidence that we could pursue our dreams and, even, have them become reality! True, it took lots of hard work and we stumbled many times along the way, but for many, the American Dream was realized.

As grandparents, how can we today ensure that our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will be able to enjoy the same freedoms and liberties that this Nation offered us?

Remember I said the answer was right under our noses? We need to open OUR MOUTHS AND we must SPEAK to our kids! We must entrench in their minds stories of OUR LIVES as we grew up! We must instill in them the values given to us by OUR PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS! Values of love, faith, respect, honor, traditions, sacrifice, freedom. They weren’t just words…They were a way of life! Old-fashioned?  Out of date?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

By simply listening to the great hits of MY KOOL FM and reminiscing over those days gone by, we want to spark those memories again…when life had meaning….

It was our forefathers that handed down these values from generation to generation. And, now, yes, now, those values must be spoken of again. Speak of those good times, (AND the bad) and how we overcame the bad, but again reflect on those important values… honor, faith, respect, love, sacrifice, freedom.

Our MY KOOL FM website was created with one single and simple goal…for us to remember those values and for us to imprint those same values on the minds…and in the hearts of our most precious treasures give to us, by God –OUR CHILDREN…OUR LEGACY!!! Our lives centered around these cherished ideals and we lived in a nation built upon the God-given freedoms of life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue our happiness. Now so many want total control and to take all these freedoms away. We must SIMPLY RETURN TO THE VALUES, while there’s still time! It’s not too late!

J.W. & Sue Byers


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